by E. Helene Sherman
Illustrated by E. Helene Sherman
Book dimensions: H 55 x W 55 x D 16mm
Box dimensions: H 80 x W 80 x D 25mm
Sample board #59
Bound in 2021
Private Collection, USA

About the book:
A miniature book containing a manuscript, called Patience. Illustrated by Helene Sherman with her calligraphy work adorning the pages, the content depicting Eastern proverbs with paintings from nature.

About the binding:

  • The book is bound in blue goatskin with onlays in a variety of colours across the whole cover. 
  • Each of the onlays are embroidered over with polyester threads in a variety of colours using French knots and other linear stitches.
  • The binding has a false round spine, made from a half-round wooden dowel.
  • The doublures are made from bright pink eel skin. 
  • The binding is housed in a Poplar wood box, hinged and with a brass clasp.

Design Description:
The design of the book is based on the original cover of the miniature, which had the title, ‘Patience’ illustrated on it. The original cover was retained and stuck in the base of the box. The cover design uses negative space embroidery, with leaves, flowers and butterflies making up the pattern, leaving the title of the book exposed.

More details about this binding can be read in a blog post here.

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